Copy Eudora Attachments to New Folder

I need to write a script that will copy the attachments in a selected Eudora e-mail message to another location (specifically, I will be copying them out of my E-mail Attachments folder and into a folder on a connected server). This can be done with a Eudora filter, but I actually need it to happen as part of a larger Applescript.

Also, I would like to write a similar script for other uses, that will move the attachments instead of copying them.

I am a scripting newbie (have written three scripts so far, all mods of other people’s scripts). Thank you in advance for your help with what I am sure is an absurdly simple problem.

By the way:
The script I’m writing replies to the selected message using stationary in Eudora, without quoting the message I’m replying to. I need it to next copy the message’s attachments to a connected server. Finally, it will move the message itself into a different Eudora mailbox. So far, the pieces I’ve managed to put in place work well. I just need that middle attachment copying piece.

Here is the script I’ve written so far:

tell application "Eudora"
	reply message 0 using stationery "Power Clicks Received" without quoting
	queue message 0
	move message 0 to end of mailbox "Current Issue"
end tell

And I have figured out how to do it, so I thought I’d share:

tell application "Eudora"
	-- Sets the variable "AttachmentList" to the value of all the message's attachments.
	set j to count attachments of message 0
	set AttachmentList to {}
	repeat with i from 1 to j
		set AttachmentList to AttachmentList & attachment i of message 0
	end repeat
	-- Copies those messages. Brings up a dialog box to choose where to copy them to, and defaults into a particular location.
	tell application "Finder" to duplicate AttachmentList to choose folder with prompt "Save it to..." default location alias "My hard drive:my folder"

end tell