copy excel sheet formula cell values to next sheet

Dear Apple friends ,

I am using an apple script to copy the certain contents of the all excel sheets in one target excel sheet, In the copy_range some cells having the formulas like =D25 or =D26 like that . In the target sheet instead of showing the copied values they are showing #REF, which is very annoying , becuase from this target I have to take data into text file and then into database. Please help me in this case.Any kind of help will be highly appreciated .

the logic of work flow and syntax is some what like

set target_sheet_name to “target_sheet”
tell application “microsoft excel”

loop for each sheet

activate source_sheet
–copy range is configured
copy range range copy_range
activate target sheet
–target sheet destination configured
paste worksheet sheet target_sheet_name destination target_sheet_destination

end loop
end tell


Did you find a solution to your Excel problem?

My first iimpression is that the cells you are talking about either have (or don’t have) sheet references. You can use the shorthand “D26” within a sheet, but when referencing a cell on another sheet, you must use “Sheet1:D26” (I think).

Yes I used the following syntax :

paste special range paste_destination of active sheet what paste values