Copy file to another location/folder.

How do i copy file from one location to another location/folder?

Thanks. (I’m new to scripting :smiley: )

tell application "Finder"
   -- long format
   duplicate file "filename" of folder "foldername" of disk "diskname" to folder "dest Folder" of disk "Target Disk"

   -- short format
   duplicate file "diskname:foldername:filename" to folder "Target Disk:dest Fodler"
end tell

tell application “Finder”
duplicate file “volumename:test” to folder “volumename:Users:TestUser:Desktop:”
end tell

it will display an error message "Expected in of line, etc. but found “.”
it highlighted the quotation mark in ( folder "volumename)

i’m using Applescript 1.9.1 and Mac OSX 10.2