Copy files based on a list

Hey all,

I have a bunch of DVDs with my backed up files. I also have a list of files that I need to find on said DVDs. Instead of going through hundreds of DVDs looking for thousands of files by hand (an understatement, not an exaggeration), I thought that an AppleScript might help.

I am looking for an AppleScript that would work in this way:
With the AS running, I put in a DVD.
The script compares the files on the disk (including all folders/subfolders) to the files in the list. Any files matching the list are copied to a folder on the desktop. If a file already exists in the folder, the script needs to change the file name and copy it (shouldn’t happen often, but may happen).
I also know that some of the DVDs are corrupt, so the script needs to have a timeout if things go bad.
After done, the DVD is ejected with a log created if any problems are found.

How hard would this be?

The list of files is currently in Excel, so I can sort them however needed (I intend on making it a .txt). They are in this format:
IE: MMDDYYYY-identifier number, from 1-200

so a short example of the list may look like:

Also, some of the files on the DVDs already have alternate endings (for example: “12132007-1 Alternate.avi”), so the script just needs to look at the numbers and nothing after the numbers.

Thanks for all of the help! I know that this is a bit more than some short help on a script, but this would save me hours of my time!


Just to clarify/add one thing:
These files are mostly small, under 100MB with very few exceptions. As far as the corrupt DVDs go, it may work to just say “try copying the file. If not done after 45 seconds, save the name of that file to a log and try the next file.” I know that some DVDs have some good files and some bad files… stupid cheap DVD-rs!




no direct solution, but for a backup a hard disk is

¢ cheaper
¢ easier to use
¢ much more reliable (long-term)
¢ much faster
¢ better portable

I know… wasn’t my decision, I wanted to use hard drives!