Copy files using a wild card

I do have a script which perform copy of my disk “NIKON” to a the folder

  set DestinationFolder to (path to home folder as text) & "dumpNIKON:"

The copy is performed using a shell script command. Unfortunately you do not see the progress of the copy operation.

In another script I’ve been using the following command
duplicate files of disk “NIKON” to (folder FolderName of startup disk) with replacing

The duplicate command shows a progress bar while file are being copied over.

My files have the following structure: NIK00101.JPG, NIK00102.JPG, NIK00103.JPG…

Is there a way I could use the duplicate command with some kind of a wild card such as

“duplicate file starting with NIK001* to (folder folderName of startup disk) with replacing”

Thanks again!

You need a whose filter.

tell application "Finder"
set theFiles to files of folder nikonFolder whose name begins with "NIK001"
duplicate theFiles to folder destinationFolder with replacing
end tell

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