copy itunes music file to another directory

I can’t get any of itunes syntax to work. I am trying to get itunes to move through my library and go to the location of the original music file and copy it to another networked machine.

I know this is simple and can easily be done, but all I get are errors trying to build even the first couple lines.

Any suggestions?

This should get you started:


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It works pretty good but it has an “apple event timed out” error when building the list and it does not seem to finish building it. I think this may be due to the size of the library (2700 songs) or ?. It then proceeded to copy them.

I’m not sure this is exactly how I wanted it to work, because I just wanted the song title as the name of the file but if the song was part of an album, it adds 01, 02, 03… before each title. ( well it does not add it. That’s the way itunes ripped them.)

Thank you for your help.