Copy/Paste Cells in Excel 2004

Have a problem with the move from Excel X to 2004 (like most people). I had scripts that would copy cell data ro reorganize. Before, it looked like this :

copy range range “A1” of sheet of 1
paste special range “B2” of sheet 1

Can anyone give me a hand on how this will look for 2004?



I have never worked with any version of Excel except 2004, but I am comfortable (to some degree) scripting it. Have your read this? It may have some pointers for you.

If not, could you please be more specific about what you are trying to do?


once, I made a script to cycle through every cell value in the first row, then to perform Illustrator manipulations with the goal to create an image based on these Excel values. After storing away the created image, the script would cycle to the next Excel row to read its values and so on.
Perhaps this helps:

--#Start scripting Microsoft Excel
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set i to 2
	set myActRow to 2
	set myTargetColumn to column 0 of the active sheet
	set myTargetRow to row i of the active sheet
	select range "A2"
	tell worksheet 1
		set myDataRange to used range
		set rowIdx to count of (row of myDataRange)
		repeat with iRow from 2 to rowIdx
			--set variables from Excel
			my initVar()
			--start scripting of AI
			my InitIllustrator()
			set i to i + 1 --###set next row in Excel###
			set myActRow to i
		end repeat
	end tell
end tell

on initVar()
	tell application "Microsoft Excel"
		tell worksheet 1
			set Katalog to (get the value of range ("A" & myActRow))
			set MATNR to (get the value of range ("B" & myActRow))
			set Bauart to (get the value of range ("C" & myActRow))
--more instructions
                     set Bemerkung to (get the value of range ("AB" & myActRow))
--more instructions
		end tell
	end tell
end initVar

Good Luck,