Copy/Paste from Excel into IPTC Metadata

Hi there!

Totally new to Applescript, but trying to put together a script to solve a hugely redundant file naming task I will need to apply to thousands of images in the coming months. So far, I have been successful in parsing most of the data using Applescript and Excel to get it ready for insertion as IPTC Metadata (a daunting task in-and-of itself on day three with Applescript). I have perused this forum extensively looking for an answer unsuccessfully, so here is what I want to do:

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a list of numbers in column 1, and their corresponding names in column 2. I need to copy/paste or otherwise transfer the numbers from column 1 into the IPTC “Title” field, and the corresponding names from column 2 into the IPTC “Description” field of many individual Raw files. Each number and name is unique to each file, so they have to be applied individually.

Ideally, this task would use Lightroom, Bridge, or Photoshop, but I am willing to use any software to automate this process.

Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

Richard Schmon

ExifTool by Phil Harvey is a great tool for reading and writing metadata.