Copy / Paste into text field

Hi everybody,

I have been looking for more than one hour to find a way to copy paste into a text field in applescript studio.

I don’t know why it does not work.

thanks for your help,



first of all, please post AppleScript Studio questions in the AppleScript Studio forum.

Actually in 95% of all cases you don’t need the clipboard in AppleScript
but if you do, try something like this, it uses the clipboard of the Finder

-- copy
set a to contents of text field "text" of window "main"
tell application "Finder" to set the clipboard to a

-- paste

tell application "Finder" to set b to the clipboard
set contents of text field "text" of window "main" to b 

Sorry for the place I post.

I did this before but I wanted a way to do this with Apple+V

I did this creating a menu link “paste” but it s quite difficult for something that seems tricky normally

Thanks for the answer


just bind the menu item to paste: of First Responder

I dont know how to do that, could you make it clearer

¢ Open the Nib file in Interface Builder
¢ If the menu is not visible, double click the menu icon in the nib window
¢ Open the menu bar to have access to the specified menu item
¢ In the Nib window mark First Responder
¢ Open Connection tab in Inspector window (⌘5)
¢ Scroll to paste:
¢ Click on the little circle on the right side and drag it onto the menu item

Thanks it works now