Copy text contents of web page to clipboard?

I’m wondering if anyones knows of a way to copy the contents (text) of a web page to the clipboard?

I’m looking for an applescipt solution to Command-A, Command-C keystokes.

I really don’t want to have to use getSource to do this.

Oh yeah, IE5 would be the web browser I’m using, although if there’s another that is more scipt friendly I’d have no problems changing!

Thanks in advance

Have you read this FAQ?
But you can’t use Safari? (we’re in the Mac OS forum) Then you could adaptate the code to use some scripting addition such as Sändi’s Additions (

tell app "Internet Explorer"
	TypeText "a" with Command
	TypeText "c" with Command
set theStyledText to the clipboard

You know, I thought of Safari right after I posted the original message.

The main problem is the enviroment I’m in right now. They’re kind of anal about what software is installed on the systems we’re using. I suppose I didn’t make it very clear when I said I’d have no problem switching. I personally wouldn’t, but the powers that be would have to be convinvced. Hey, if it works…

Thanks for the reply, I’m going to look into it right now.

P.S. No, I didn’t read the FAQ. Bad newbie. Bad newbie. I’ll read it now.