Copy VOB onto my desktop

I am inserting a DVD on my MacBook Pro and wanted to copy (not convert) all VOB files found under the VIDEO_TS subdirectory of the DVD.

The DVD is called “SAMSUNG DVD RECORDER VOLUME”. I used to be able to do this with Tiger. Snow Leopard does not allow this anymore.

I could use MPEG Streamclip and convert the VOB, this is not what I need to do.

Does anyone has a way to copy VOB files from a DVD to a desktop, an external disk is there an applescript that exist which would do this?

N.B.: The VOB files I am trying to copy are those I’ve created myself and there are no copyright on those. As I mentioned earlier this issue does not exist with TIGER.



This isn’t making sense. Why do you say copying isn’t allowed? What code isn’t working?

In using Finder all subdirectories which are under VIDEO_TS are not visible.

If you a put a DVD you’ve created you will be able to see, in Finder, the name of the DVD, clicking on the DVD name you then see the subdirectory called VIDEO_TS with an arrow on the left. In clicking on the arrow pointing at the subdirectory nothing is displayed.

In using MPEG Streamclip, VOB files appears as track. You can then convert/export the DVD in another format (i.e DV, MOV…).

I’ve called the Apple Technical Support and they were telling me their software does not allow to display VOB files content. I am positive I should be able to do this with Terminal, however I am trying to get point to the DVD and I am having problems with UNIX syntax.

Daniel, I can’t see what you’re saying. I’m on 10.6.4. I pop a DVD into the drive and I can see the contents of the video_ts folder. Maybe it’s a problem with the latest DVD’s only? Anyway if the Finder isn’t working, you can use the unix commands “ls” or “find” to get the directory contents and “cp” to copy something.

Try this. Just put in the DVD Name in the first line…

set videoTSFolder to "/Volumes/DVD Name/VIDEO_TS"

set outFolder to choose folder with prompt "Choose where to copy the VOB Files?"
set vobFiles to paragraphs of (do shell script "find " & quoted form of videoTSFolder & " -name *.VOB")
repeat with aVOB in vobFiles
	do shell script "cp " & quoted form of aVOB & space & quoted form of POSIX path of outFolder
end repeat

Thanks regulus6633.

The script you’ve provided work perfectly!

I still do not understand why I cannot see the files contained in the VIDEO_TS subdirectory. I also do not understand why the Apple Technical Support said to me it was not possible with the current Apple applications.