Copy Window from Test project into my real project

I set up a test project to experiment with a window with a table view. Now I have everything working and I want to pull this into an existing project. If I copy the window icon in the MainMenu.nib window in Interface Builder and then open my existing project and paste, the whole window comes in. That’s cool except that all of my Applescript names for the window, the table, text views, and buttons are all blank.

Is there a way to copy a window in WITH all of it’s properties intact? I can go through and rename everything but it seems like there must be a better way to do it.


Model: PowerPC G5 Tower OS 10.4.8
AppleScript: XCode 2.5
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I think you have to restart completely. The refernces are not saved in the nib files. Somewhere else, possible in the .xproj files. Someone correct me if Im wrong - but its definitely possible.
One thing you could try is to build and run your testapp. Then navigate into the built applicaton and open the nib file up in that … maybe that one has the references saved inside…


I tried doing it your way a few times and you’re right, all of the links to the application and other stuff are gone. Here’s what I do. I open the new and old nib files in IB. Then I select from the old window the items I want… then I go to the new window and paste them. This way they preserve their names and such, although if the name of the applescript file to which they’re linked is different, you have to change that… but that’s easy. The new window itself has to be reconnected and renamed manually, but the objects in the window can be copied this way. You can usually highlight everything in the old window and with one copy/paste operation have them in the new window. Just check the applescript file they’re linked to.

Hope this helps.