Copying data from FM and using it for Finder search

OK, I know this should be really simple but I cannot figure it out. I am scripting in OS X.2.8. All I want to do is copy some data from Filemaker and initiate a search in the Finder on a designated drive using that data. I know how to copy the data, that is easy. But is the “Find” of the Finder scriptable? I’ve opened all of the related dictionaries and cannot seem to find anything related. I have a feeling I am going to feel pretty dumb upon reading the answer. But please help a newbie out anyway.

No the Finder’s Find features aren’t scriptable.

Also of note: You don’t need to ‘copy’ the data from FMP. Instead just assign the data to a variable. That way you preserve what is on the clipboard.

Here’s an example for FMP.

tell app "FileMaker Pro" to set findData to cell "Find This" of database "FindDB"