Copying file icons

Hi, folks. I’ve decided to make a Filemaker Pro database to store all the custom Finder icons I’ve collected over the years. I’d like to automate the “importing” of these files.

All I need is a simple loop that will go through all the items of a folder full of icons, copying each in turn. I have a script in Filemaker ready to go that will paste each of results into waiting container fields. Any ideas? Thanks much in advance.

Well, the Finder is supposed to eventually do this, but it does not work yet.

Check out one of these:

They all claim to extract icons. If they aren’t directly scriptable, try using the Finder to open a file using the app in question. Also, they may extract icons from the resource fork of your files, so if you have any applications you try this on, it may pull out all kinds of extra icons…

Let us know which, if any, work. Someone else may want to do this someday, and find this thread.

Thanks. I definately will. I’ve written a script step in Filemaker that will copy the contents of the container field holding the icon when clicked, I just need to then paste onto the target in the finder.

Thanks again for the apps. I’ll let you know what happens.