Could anybody help me with some scripting please?


I’ve been away from my mac & writing music for about 18 months now.

Ive just hooked up my G5 and other audio gear but it’s still running Panther and Logic pro 7.01 with a 28 day demo dongle and XSiv9b. (A Script based app that change the date and time to whatever you want, launches Logic pro and has a timer that warns you after 3 hours and 45 minutes to save your work, quit logic and run the script again. the demo time is physically burned off of your demo every 4 hours.)

I remember upgrading to Tiger after Logic brought out 7.1 only to find that XSiV would not work.
Having 2 years worth of plugins and other apps installed, I wasn’t up for a fresh installation of Panther at all. So I had to uninstall Tiger and revert back to Panther. Tiger has obviously left it’s paw print on the system because it’s not very stable anymore and things like system profiler don’t work anymore.
I’m sure if I upgrade to the latest version of Tiger or Leopard it will solve the problems.

If I knew how to do it, I would write a simple apple script or GUI script? to set the date and time into the future, launch logic and then remind me to save, quit Logic and run the script again every 3.5 hours.
I am going to put Tiger back on to try to fix the system, so the script would need to compatible with 10.4

I’m a total believer in buying legitimate software and I always have eventually but I don’t want to have to fork out £699 or even £300 until I’m skilled enough to use the program properly and I’m out of work at the moment so I can’t afford it. anyway :frowning:
Besides applying for jobs, I would like to use this spare time as constuctively as possible. I actually had a few tunes released on vinyl and CD a few years ago but that was using a PC and a different software platform. I’m hoping to get to grips with Logic pro and when I’m working again, buy the full monty - Maybe even try and get some stuff published again :smiley:

Is there anybody out there who can write scripts and would be kind enough to help me?

Many Thanks if you can help.



PS. if you are that kind person and don’t wish to discuss this or most the code publicly. Please use PMs.