Countdown of typed letters - deleting text field

Hi Folks,

is it possible to count the letters (countdown from 160 to 0) in a NStextfield and erease this textfield by clicking a button?
Background: I want to send sms messages which are not longer than 160 letters!

Thanks for your answers…


Hi Folks,

deleting is quite easy:

	if name of theObject is "sms_delete" then
		set contents of text view "text" of scroll view "text" of tab view item "Outbox" of tab view "tab" of window "main" to ""
	end if

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Hi Stefan,

maybe you want sth like this?

on changed theObject
	set remainingChars to 160 - (length of (get theObject's content))
	set content of text field "counter" of window "main" to remainingChars
	if remainingChars < 0 then
		set theObject's content to (text 1 through 160 of (get theObject's content))
		set content of text field "counter" of window "main" to "0"
	end if
end changed