Crash on launch

I can’t seem to find my error for an app that was working. Sadly, I’ve undone the changes I remember making, but still get the crash. Anyone have any insight into this crash code? Or know where to get a more useful error?

0x109a8e026: pushq %rbp
0x109a8e027: movq %rsp, %rbp
0x109a8e02a: pushq %r15
0x109a8e02c: pushq %r14
0x109a8e02e: pushq %rbx
0x109a8e02f: subq $8, %rsp
0x109a8e033: cmpq $1794, %rsi
0x109a8e03a: movq %rdi, %rbx
0x109a8e03d: je 0x0000000109a8e047 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 33
0x109a8e03f: movq %rsi, %r14
0x109a8e042: movq %rbx, %r15
0x109a8e045: jmp 0x0000000109a8e079 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 83
0x109a8e047: movq 24(%rbx), %rax
0x109a8e04b: jmpq 0x0000000109a8e0ef ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 201
0x109a8e050: movq %r15, %rax
0x109a8e053: jmpq 0x0000000109a8e0ef ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 201
0x109a8e058: cmpq 8(%r15), %r14
0x109a8e05c: je 0x0000000109a8e050 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 42
0x109a8e05e: movq 32(%r15), %rdi
0x109a8e062: movq %r14, %rsi
0x109a8e065: callq 0x0000000109aa23ce ; TUASEnvironment::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*)
0x109a8e06a: cmpq $2, %rax
0x109a8e06e: jne 0x0000000109a8e0ef ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 201
0x109a8e070: movq 24(%r15), %r15
0x109a8e074: cmpq %rbx, %r15
0x109a8e077: je 0x0000000109a8e0a1 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 123
0x109a8e079: movl %r15d, %eax
0x109a8e07c: andl $15, %eax
0x109a8e07f: cmpw $8, %ax
0x109a8e083: je 0x0000000109a8e091 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 107
0x109a8e085: movswl %ax, %eax
0x109a8e088: andl $65534, %eax
0x109a8e08d: shrl %eax
0x109a8e08f: jmp 0x0000000109a8e09c ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 118
0x109a8e091: movq (%r15), %rax
0x109a8e094: shrl $4, %eax
0x109a8e097: andl $4095, %eax
0x109a8e09c: cmpl $15, %eax
0x109a8e09f: je 0x0000000109a8e058 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 50
0x109a8e0a1: cmpq $1506, %r14
0x109a8e0a8: je 0x0000000109a8e0b1 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 139
0x109a8e0aa: movl $2, %eax
0x109a8e0af: jmp 0x0000000109a8e0ef ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 201
0x109a8e0b1: movq 8(%rbx), %rax
0x109a8e0b5: cmpq $2, %rax
0x109a8e0b9: je 0x0000000109a8e0ef ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 201
0x109a8e0bb: movl %eax, %ecx
0x109a8e0bd: andl $15, %ecx
0x109a8e0c0: cmpw $8, %cx
0x109a8e0c4: je 0x0000000109a8e0d3 ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 173
0x109a8e0c6: movswl %cx, %ecx
0x109a8e0c9: andl $65534, %ecx
0x109a8e0cf: shrl %ecx
0x109a8e0d1: jmp 0x0000000109a8e0df ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 185
0x109a8e0d3: movq (%rax), %rcx
0x109a8e0d6: shrl $4, %ecx
0x109a8e0d9: andl $4095, %ecx
0x109a8e0df: cmpl $1, %ecx
0x109a8e0e2: jne 0x0000000109a8e0ef ; TUASActor::Lookup(TUASIdentifier*) + 201
0x109a8e0e4: movq %rax, %rdi
0x109a8e0e7: callq 0x0000000109a80487 ; GCSymbol_GetNameAddress_(void*)
0x109a8e0ec: movq (%rax), %rax
0x109a8e0ef: addq $8, %rsp
0x109a8e0f3: popq %rbx
0x109a8e0f4: popq %r14
0x109a8e0f6: popq %r15
0x109a8e0f8: popq %rbp
0x109a8e0f9: ret

What’s your code doing when it crashes? Anything else in Console?

The app won’t launch. Standalone, it bounces in the dock once and dies, though it leaves a crash report which I can find nothing relevant in. Via XCode, it dies on launch.

Under 'applicationsWillFinishLaunching, there’s not much going on and nothing that I’ve changed recently. Just setting a few variables.

My backup copy is from earlier in the day - I lost 4 or 5 hours of work which is not a big deal as I’m not on a timeline on this project. But what bugs me more is how I can’t seem to find the error.

Any other thoughts?

Did you try a project Clean? Did you change any build settings?

I did try ‘Clean’. I also threw away that whole build folder and let it rebuild everything there. No change. I did not change any project settings.

What I had been doing all afternoon was making changes, then build for distribution ‘profiling?’ Then I would move that to my other machine for testing. Then repeat. I hadn’t done a ‘Build & Run’ using the play button in a while and when I did, I got the error previously mentioned. And obviously, the current distributable copy doesn’t work either.

I’ve got an idea on what caused the problem as I’ve run into it again, but this time I know the changes I made :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever I add the code below, I get the crash
if chosenTeam is “Team1”
set my team1 to true
end if

chosenTeam is set via a pop-up menu so I suspect it is some type of cocca format variable (NSText?) and not a string.

I changed it to the following and it works well now.
if (chosenTeam as string) is “Team1”
set my team1 to true
end if

I post here for reference of others (or myself) that may run into this situation…