Creat User with Blank Password (pseudo AppleScript)

Hi all.

I know this is AppleScript forum, not unix command forum, but OS X hints can take a really long time before anyone answers. I’ve had better luck here similar questions (it pertains to an account creation script), so if anyone is brave enough to answer, please do.

Okay, so, I’ve managed to create a script that reads a list of user from a csv file and creates the corresponding accounts. The problem I run into is that we have two open accounts without passwords, Open Lab and Community Education. In my script, I’m using dcsl (formerly niutil, but I heard Apple is doing away with niutil in Leopard) to create the accounts, however, a little quirk occurs when you either A) Don’t create the password field and assign a password, or B) use dcsl / -passwd /Users/username "" to assign a blank a password. With A), you simply can’t login with that account. With B), you can log in but will still ask for password when you first log into the account. After word, it’ll auto-login as per usual with a non-passworded account.

So…anyone here know how to set the password for an account to a blank one via AppleScript/command line properly, so that it’ll auto-login the very first time you click on the newly created non-passworded account?


Problem solved. Nevermind. :slight_smile:

hi rob,

would you mind posting the answer? i’m interested…


Well, the problem it self wasn’t solved, but administration decided to use a single simple password for the public accounts instead of leaving them blank – so it simply became a non-issue.

When I have a guest, I use Guest for a Username and Guest for the Password