Create a menu item?

Hello all

I have created a function in applescript that I would like to make into a menu item. Is there a way of doing this? Ideally it would be great if I could add a menu option to the finder menu but not sure if that’s possible.

Thank you

Derek :slight_smile:


Menulets are possible only in Objective-C

you can create a menu item in the Services Menu with

This is not SPAM, but I have used Fast Scripts found here There used to be a lite version as well, but the full version does not cost much. It puts a scripts menu on the right side of the menu bar and allows you to set up quick keys for launching the scripts. I had a series of scripts for auto populating art research data into an excel document and downloading comp images that I set up for me old companies art research department. Using AppleScript set to key combinations I was able to shave about 10 minutes per image off the process of populating the data, as I recall on one project that added up to about 100 man hours saved.

Butler gives neat floating menus at the press of a shortcut which presents a list of applescripts. Also, you can set a shortcut directly to run an applescript. It even allows pasting the result of an applescript after executing it. Works on Leopard. But out of develpment now (though they have not made it official).