Create and refresh a scanninglist via remote desktop


I had a crazy idea. I want to automate the scanning of network ranges in remote desktop (ard). See my script below. Problem: I found no term for the scanner nor the ipaddress-range.
Does anyone has an idea?
Have a nice weekend :slight_smile: _ docBode

tell application "Remote Desktop"
	execute task "scanner"
	if "primary Ethernet address" contains "ipaddress" then
		(add computer to computer list "listname" with name) & user & password
	end if
		set user to "username"
		set password to "password"
	end try
	end tell

In light of your question, I’m poking around in RD’s dictionary and toying with what it can do.
From the looks of it, “tasks” seems only to refer to those you have created and saved yourself.

Try running this in your script editor and see what names come back:

tell application "Remote Desktop"
	get name of every task
end tell

You should notice that the “Scanner” doesn’t appear in that list. In fact, it doesn’t appear to me that scanners are accessible in RD via AppleScript at all. :frowning: