Create Folder Tree with Excel File

Hey guys, always have been interested in learning AppleScript and using it more.

Today I am in need of a solution for a client. They are building a folder tree based off their clients and have given it in an Excel file. All of the data is on column A, rows 1 - 102. I would love to create a simple AppleScript to take the contents in Row 1 and create a folder with its contents inside of their folder on my desktop called “Client”. Here is what I have so far, but it is not working (obviously)

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	get value of cell "A1"
end tell
tell application "Finder"
	make new folder at alias "Macintosh HD:Users:chriswanja:Desktop:" with properties {name:"Value"}
end tell

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

This should do it:

set rowAList to getCellList("A", 1, 102)

tell application "Microsoft Excel" to set allDocs to name of every document
set myDoc to choose from list allDocs

set myFolder to (choose folder)

repeat with i in rowAList
	tell application "Microsoft Excel" to tell document (myDoc as string) to tell sheet 1 to set cellValue to (value of cell i)
	tell application "Finder" to make new folder at myFolder with properties {name:cellValue}
end repeat

on getCellList(aLetter, startNumber, endNumber)
	set myList to {}
	repeat with i from startNumber to endNumber
		set end of myList to (aLetter & i) as string
	end repeat
	return myList
end getCellList

Hope it works,

Worked like a charm. Thank you very much. Do you have some form of donation email address? Paypal?

Nah, it was a pleasure to help you :slight_smile:

EXACTLY what I was looking for!