Create Graphic Image From Text Items

A client for some reason wants to know if it is possible to take certain text information (the machine IP, the machine name, etc) on bootup and make it into an image that can be used as a desktop picture.

I have no problem getting the information, but do not know if OS X has any facility for taking a text file and making it into a graphic.

Anybody know of any shell commands buried deep in OS X that will do this? I looked at Image Events and did not find anything that jumped out at me.

Thanks for any help.



QuickTime can export text as picture. I haven’t played with that a lot though.

Edited: you could also open the text in a text editor or browser and save as pdf.


not sure if this is what you want, but you could always just open appleworks,
type the information,
make it look like you want it.
then press shift apple 4 to take a picture

It’s not standard, but I believe ImageMagick can do that.