Create inactive/non-interactive application window?

I am attempting to create an Applescript application to sit behind the foremost application, which will simply cover the rest of the screen. This is so that when I switch to an application all others are hidden; I don’t like working in photoshop and having whatever other windows /the desktop cluttering up the view.

I have created an app that will do pretty much what I want (uses the idle handler to make sure my app is always just behind the foremost app), but the problem is that you can still click on the covering window, and it will be brought to the front (covering my foremost app).

Is there any way to make my application window non-interactive, so it does not respond to any mouse clicks?

Any help is much appreciated.

Take a look at the freeware X-Assist ([url=][/url]). It can be configured so that all windows that do not belong to the frontmost app will be hidden automatically. The app does several other cool things and it is free.


Thanks for the link jonn8, it’s a useful tool. And if I clean up my desktop a bit it’ll be just what I need.

Even with Expose I found window management to be particularly annoying, as I’m used to the Windows way of apps taking up a solid area. I guess “greybox” will be developed no more :stuck_out_tongue: