Create New Account with Parental Controls

I am looking for way to create a new account with parental controls, and then set which programs I want the new user to be able to use.

So far I have been able to create a new account with the following script…

do shell script "command" user name "Generic School" password "abc123" with administrator privileges

set T_password to "abc"
set longUser_name to quoted form of "Student"
set user_name to quoted form of "student"
set userID to 600
set groupID to 1001

if (do shell script "/usr/bin/dscl . -search /Users name " & user_name) is not "" then
	display alert "User name " & user_name & " already exists, modify the user name and try it again "
end if

-- create account, if (the user ID or the group ID) already exists, loop until the id is unique
do shell script "declare dscl=/usr/bin/dscl;t_uid=" & userID & ";g_uid=" & groupID & ";userA=" & user_name & "
while [[ -n \"$($dscl . -search /Users uid $t_uid)\" ]]; do
while [[ -n \"$($dscl . -search /Users uid $g_uid)\" ]]; do
$dscl . -create /Users/\"$userA\"
$dscl . -create /Users/\"$userA\" UserShell /bin/bash
$dscl . -create /Users/\"$userA\" RealName " & longUser_name & "
$dscl . -create /Users/\"$userA\" UniqueID $t_uid
$dscl . -create /Users/\"$userA\" PrimaryGroupID $g_uid
$dscl . -create /Users/\"$userA\" NFSHomeDirectory /Users/\"$userA\"
$dscl . -passwd /Users/\"$userA\" " & T_password & "
$dscl . -append /Groups/admin GroupMembership \"$userA\"
/usr/sbin/createhomedir -l -u \"$userA\"
/bin/echo \"Admin account: \"$userA\" successfully created\"" with administrator privileges
display alert the result

So I am half way there, but what I would like to do is set limits on the new account. And allow the user access to only certain applications like safari, word, pages, ect…

Any ideas?