Create New Mail Paste Clipboard

Can anyone help me create a simple Apple script?!?

All it needs to do is…

Activate Mail
Create a new mail message
Paste the clipboard (contents) into the TO field.

I know it’s gotta be simple but I can’t get it to work.

Any code you can provide will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


Hi Chris,

Try this:

tell application "Mail"
	--make new message
	set mymail to (make new outgoing message at the beginning of outgoing messages)
	--add recipient
	tell mymail to make new to recipient at beginning of to recipients with properties {address:the clipboard}
	--show message window (otherwise it's hidden)
	set visible of mymail to true
	--bring Mail to front
end tell

Best wishes

John M

T H A N K Y O U :slight_smile: