Create ps files in quark 6.5 using max os X 10,4,3

Im change the system and need generate ps files or pdf file in quark 6.5. Im use this script but in new system the quark close and not generate the file.
What is incorrect ?

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	set savePath to (desktop as string)
	tell document 1
		set filename to savePath & ""
		set thePrinter to "Pdf Printer"
		tell application "Printer Setup Utility"
			set current printer to first printer whose name is thePrinter
		end tell
		tell print setup
			set printer type to "Acrobat Distiller"
			set paper size to "Legal"
			set print spreads to false
			set page position to center position
			set collate to false
			set orientation to portrait
			set separation to false
			set tiling to off
			set page sequence to all pages
			set include blank pages to false
			set fit in area to true
			set data format to binary data
			set registration marks to off
		end tell
		print PostScript file filename
		--on error
		-- display dialog "Problemas com a configuracao da impressora"
		--end try
	end tell
end tell

Printing through AppleScript and QuarkXPress is broken in Tiger. I take it you’ve jumped from X.3.9 to X.4.3 If this is the case you can contact Quark and be suppied with a XT which will enable the printing function again. See Quarks forum for the latest on this. Search “Tiger” in the AppleScript Forum.

This isn’t good news

The problem seems to be solved with a new script extension. No need to contact Quark for, it’s available here.
Check also the forumtopic on the quark site about this subject.

I haven’t switched to Tiger yet, but if you can let me know your experience here I would appreciate that.


Hello Kjeld, that si the troubleshooting. Thank a lot.