Create PS from quark file using given Print Styles


We have bunch of quark file which we need to create ps and then convert it to pdfs. We create a print style setting in quark file.
What we want is create .ps using the specific print style in quark.

Can any give me an idea how to write the applescript to create ps using specified print style.

Thanks for the help,

a realativly quick search came up with this thread


Hi Krish

From what i see in the Quark dictionary you can’t actually print from a preset/print style which you already have set up on your machine,
However you can manually input them properties/preferences into your script which is just the same.

for example:

tell print setup
				set printer type to "AdobePDF 7.0"
				set paper size to "Custom"
				set fit in area to true
			end tell

you set your properties like the above this is just 3 but there are loads!!!