Create Reminders from Evernote


I real bugbear of mine is that Evernote doesn’t generate tasks in Reminders. I’ve tried to adapt the ‘Create Reminders from Mail’ script to work with Evernote. Please find it below.

However, I’m not entirely happy with it. I could use help with the following;

  1. Is there a way to change the link so that the text of the link is “View in Evernote” rather than the actual url?
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a definition of the properties and methods AppleScript can use with Evernote?

Any other improvements would be appreciated too…


on run {input, parameters}
	set DefaultText to input
	set notesText to ""
	#	set notesHTML to "<ul>"
	--Get Info from Evernote
	tell application "Evernote"
		set theSelection to selection
		set theMessage to item 1 of theSelection
		set noteTitle to title of (item 1 of theSelection)
		set theurl to note link of (item 1 of theSelection)
		set notesHTML to (noteTitle & return & theurl)
		#		set thedes to theMessage's content & "Show in Evernote " & "message://%3c" & theMessage's message id & "%3e"
		#		#		#set input to theMessage's subject
	end tell
	--Get the List to Save it to
	activate application "Reminders"
	tell application "Reminders"
		set todo_lists to get every list
		-- Reminder has a number of list across accounts, present them all
		set numList to {}
		set chosen to {}
		#	set list_list to ""
		repeat with k from 1 to length of todo_lists
			tell list k
				if k > 9 then
					set row_number to k
					set row_number to "0" & k
				end if
				set end of numList to my row_number & ". " & name
			end tell
		end repeat
		#	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ";"
		#	set the_list to text items of list_list
		--Choose the List where the reminder will be created
		#	set chosen_list to choose from list the_list
		set choices to choose from list numList with prompt "Hold the Command key down to make multiple choices." with multiple selections allowed
		-- Extract the numbers only from the choices found in list "choices".
		repeat with j from 1 to count choices
			tell choices to set end of chosen to (text 1 thru ((my (offset of "." in item j)) - 1) of item j) as integer
		end repeat
		-- Return a list of item numbers
		set k to item 1 of chosen
		set myList to list k #{text 1 thru 1 of chosen_list}
		--Get the Task Title
		display dialog "What is the next Task?" default answer input as string
		set task_desc to text returned of result
		--Create the Reminder
		set newremin to make new reminder with properties {name:task_desc, body:notesHTML as string, container:myList}
	end tell
	activate application "Evernote"
	return input
end run

Model: MBA
Browser: Safari 537.36
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)