creating a utility that auto runs on a schedule


I have written a little script that checks a desktop folder for new videos from EyeTV, converts them in Visualhub and saves them in a new folder off the desktop, and then clears the original folder.

I have searched for a way to automate the scheduling of the script without needing to use another utility to run the schedule like an iCal event but havent had any luck.

I noticed that alot of applications I use like busysync, time machine etc sit in my toolbar and are always open running whenever I have told them too.

Is it possible within applescript to add this sort of functionality to a script or applescript application?


Use a launchd agent.

See this post

I’m still using CronniX (GUI for cron). I still find it more intuitive for juggling multiple scheduled script executions than launchd. :wink: