Creating an album in iPhoto

With iPhoto 5.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.4.11 this does compile but not work:

	tell application "iPhoto" to set _album to make (new album)

The error message is

Any known workaround? Most interesting, the brackets, not typed, have been added by the compiler. Somewhat strange.

Hallo Thomas,

the dictionary says:


new album i[/i]: Create a new album. (from iPhoto suite)
set theResult to new album reference ¬
name unicode text


Hello Stefan

Thank you for the hint. That way it works:

	set _album to new album name "test"


but unfortunately the result is not really satisfying:

but adressing its Photos work:

tell application "iPhoto"
	set _res to new album name "test"
	return photos of album "test"
end tell

It fits my needs. Thanks again!