Creating an application from XCode or a script bundle?

I’m quite new at this, so this is probably a naive question. If I have a programming task combining “vanilla” AppleScript and ASObjC and want to make it self-contained, what are the trade-offs between creating an application from XCode versus an AppleScript bundle containing a calling script and a library containing the ASObjC code within a “script libraries” folder.

In my case, the latter seems a bit more natural, partially because I’m not as experienced with XCode. But, also, the calling script is doing a lot of simple AppleScript stuff (looping over lots of records from EndNote, in specific), which the ASObjC part is doing some string manipulation and moving of files which are much nicer in ASObjC. Given my greater experience with AS, I find this more straightforward for maintenance and future changes.

With that as background, are their performance trade-offs I’m making? Would the application run faster by a meaningful amount?

Many thanks for Shane and ASObjC Explorer and his book, which is the only way I would find any of this even remotely possible!! Thanks to all for any additional insights, also.


You really only need to move to an Xcode-built project if you want some kind of interface. There’s certainly no performance trade-off.