Creating and Using a FileBrowser Window in IB/AS Studio

I’m fairly new at IB and Xcode…

I’m trying to build an window that will let the user choose a folder (using a multi-column browser), and then another folder. We’ll call them folderA and folderB. I then have a script that will call up this window from the app, make it visible, and wait for the OK button to be clicked.

I can’t seem to get any user interaction at all in the “browser area” (am I using the right terms?). How can I have this work as I’m used to it when choosing files, etc…? And then, is there any specific way that I have to call this data in order to then retrieve it back into the applescript that opened the window?

Thanks in advance!!

Model: Intel Mac
AppleScript: Editor: 2.1.1 (81), AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

You should be able to simply use the choose folder command, and a multi column browser should automatically appear.


Yeah, that works fine and all, but I was hoping to be able to weasel the two “browsers” into one window.

This application is more of a test case for learning the skill before applying it to a bigger project. I’ve been searching something fierce for a tutorial on these browsers, but haven’t had any luck. The closest I found was, but I don’t think it’s entirely applicable.

Thanks though!