Creating folders for files in a special workflow...

Hello new friends. I am sort of a newbie to the AppleScript language. I do have background in some other languages such as HTML, PHP, and Visual Basic so I have somewhat of an idea of how to go about doing this.

So what I need to accomplish is the following in order:

-Drag multiple files to the completed application/script
-Script will ask what the prefix is. Example “MXX”
-Have the script create a folder on the desktop with name “Sorted Files”
-In that folder create sub folders for each individual file dropped on the script with the naming convention of the folder below. The letter will be incremented per folder/file combination. When it hits Z it will start at AA and move on to BB and CC and so on. The number will always be the same.

(Job Prefix)+(Letter)+(“1”)+(“_”)+(File Name Without Extension)

-Have the script duplicate the file into that folder
-Take that same file and make another duplication of that file and add “ABC_” to the beginning of the file name

The folder structure would appear as below: & → dropped onto the script at the same time

-Sorted Files

Any help would be appreciated. I have some of the script started and plan to copy some of my other scripts. Unfortunately I can’t post my script on here yet because it is at work right now. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks again!

Browser: Safari 525.26.13
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Since you are already familiar with PHP why not use it.

You can use Platypus in combination with Pashua (both free) to create
a PHP droplet with a dialog.

Just a thought :wink:

That is very interesting. I never knew you could do that. I figured PHP was just a server side scripting language. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the mention.