creating folders from a browser

Hello everyone

I am new to the forum but I have read through some of the postings and it seems a very helpful resource with many scripters willing to help the more inexperienced ones.

I was wondering if it was possible from an internet browser through a submit button to run an applescript that would create a folder on an apple volume.

I just need someone to tell me if it is possible - so I dont spend a lot of time trying to make it work before I realise it is not possible

thanks :slight_smile:

You may be able to do it with JavaScript somehow, not sure.

If the volume in question is within a web “share” point, then yes, you just need to set up an AppleScript CGI.

Yes it is very possible, here’s a few things that may help…

Royal Software
Open Script
Say What

Thanks for the quick and useful response. It looks like I will be using Script Demon from Royal Software

Once again thanks :o