creating hotfolder for printing os 9

Hello there,
I’m in the eventphoto business and making a lot of prints each event, but as we work with os X workstations we still(by the lack of osX drivers) have to print from a os9 machine, it would be so nice then of we can automate the print part in os 9 , so that we can save the files in an os 9 folder and then the automaticly being printed instead of doing this task ( opening the picture, choosing printposition"portrait or landscape", choosing number of copies, and then push print) over and over again, I have the feeling this could be done with applescript but maybe not, does anyone know if this could be done or if there’s some script available already.
Could I do it myself easely or could I hire some clever type to help me out . been searching for a solution for this for ages now, hopefully the answer will be here.
we print from photoshop or any other app which can handle jpeg files.

kind regards, Alex

Alex, if you’re in need of a developer to help with this project, check out out developers section…

thanks , will do so.

kind regards Alex.

There is an Applescript thead over at Mac OSX Hints about printing that may help…


I replied to your email but didn’t hear back. Catalyst Workflow Solutions, LLC can develop a script to do what you want. Let me know if you are interested. You will need to specify which version of Photoshop you are using (hopefully version 7). It would also be possible to import the images into a QuarkXPress document and print them from Quark (if you’re not using Photoshop v7).

A script to perform this function should be easy to develop.