Creating installer and displaying terms and conditions


I have the following problem:

We hired a company to create an “Installer” program. We have dropped our requirements back to make this a very simple install.

Our current requirements are basically, our users must read our Terms and Conditions, enter their initials, and “Accept” the terms and conditions. After that, a shortcut is placed on the desktop to the PDFs on the CD.

We have users runnng Mac (10.2 is the earliest version we have to support) and Windows so they chose Applescript for Mac (Windows - C++). At this point, I don’t have time to comment on what they chose (I got fed up and finally asked) … I was supposed to send my CD master to our production team next week…

So, I now have an installer program that has approximately 20 “pages” because they cannot get the entire text of the T&Cs to display using applescript. (You know legal, 2 pages of text in the T&C :wink: ). The vendor has said that this is just not possible, but I don’t understand why I can’t have a scrolling text window/box in my installer window (similar to what I have with my windows installer)?

Worse than that, we tested the install and there are words cut off, parts of the T&C that are not displayed and our wrapper text around why there is a text box (and that it is to enter your initials) are missing.

I am asking if someone here knows of a way to display the text of the T&C in a scrollable window? Is this truly a limitation and am I stuck with what I have?

Please, any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much!

Operating System: Mac OS X (10.2.x)

With AppleScript you would have to switch to Xcode or Facespan and build the installer and interface. You could still use the AppleScript code. If you have C++ you might even be able to use that in Xcode or CodeWorrior (which compiles for both OS X and Windows).

Try “PackageMaker”. It comes with XCode Developer tools and is a great, easy GUI way to make a decent installer. It should handle any size of TOS too.

Thank you Jerome and Lambo - I will pass on your suggestions. I’ll let you know how it works out. Antonella :slight_smile: