creating Podcast via AppleScript

I am working on a script that auto-processes some movies for me, uploads then to a web site then updates an RSS feed so I can elsewhere automatically download the movies into iTunes.

So far I have the processing and FTP upload happening, I’m just now wondering about the XML feed creation. I found an Automator action at that apparently helps create the feed XML however I’m not sure how I drive an Automator action from AppleScript.

I’ve Googled for Applescript podcast RSS feed creation and come up empty, does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you.

The «automator» command can be used to fire up Automator actions from within AppleScript when combined with the «do shell script» command.

Ok, I still don’t know how I would pass variables and such to the Automator. Can you illuminate?
EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t see that the word Automator was a link to something that should help me. Sorry!

I got a copy of Feeder, apparently it has AppleScript support but unfortunately it comes with no AppleScript examples.