Creating software in Xcode and IB in .app. Error occured. What Next???


I am creating my own software using Xcode and IB in applescript format but I have had some trouble can you be of any help??

I have created an entire main menu page with buttons and search boxes etc etc but there has been an issue trying to get some of the buttons to work. I was able to get the search button to work ok but I have a button that requires a new custom window to open not from another application but within my own so I can not use tell app but rather have to use something like tell window…im not exactly sure of the code but this is what I have so far which is giving the error message that follows it:

on clicked theObject
tell window “MainMenu”
open window “ContactSelectContact”
end tell
end clicked

AppleScript Error
window “ContactSelectContact” of window “MainMenu” doesn’t understand the open message. (-1708)

All the spelling is correct and there are no errors or failures. Please put me out of my what already is a 24hour misery.

Thanks in Advance


on clicked theObject
set visible of window “ContactSelectContact” to true
end clicked

Thanks so much mate, I know its very basic but I just couldnt put my finger on it!

You or anybody else wouldnt happen to know how to make your active window change so you dont have to open up a new window every time you click a button but simply change your active window…?