Creo Preps 5


I tríed something very simple but I can’t get it to work: I just want to drop a folder on my script which makes a new Preps job with the name of the folder and import the ripped jobs which are in that folder. The first part (making a new job) is no problem, but I am not able to find out the right syntax to import ripped jobs (folders). I don’t even know if Preps calls them sourcefiles or jobfiles. Did anyone something like this and can show me an example?


Does Creo have someone you can email for support? Preps isn’t real cheap from what I remember.

Can you post the dictionary entry from prep’s import command and the script you’ve done and what kind of errors you’re seeing?

I have the dictionary entries as pdf but if you never worked with Preps or can try it, it won’t help much I think.

This should get you started:

on open theRunList
	tell application "Preps 5" to make new job
	repeat with eachFile in theRunList
		tell application "Preps 5" to insert (eachFile as string) in the runlist
	end repeat
end open

This will make a new job and insert whatever files you dropped into the run list. You can add other features in order to drop folders, print postscripts, etc.

Good luck!


thank you for your reply! I tried it at work and it seems not to work. They “make new job” part works, I got that already but then Preps opens a file dialog and says it could not find the file. Maybe there are files like .dbinfo or other hidden files in the list which Preps cannot load. I think I had to change “runlist” to “filelist” because I want to import ripped Brisque jobs which are directories as far as I know ending with .p# for the page number. Could that be the problem, because there are no files but only directories in the folder I drop on the script?

I want to do with the script the same as dropping the folder with the ripped jobs on a new job window.