CRON weirdness. Help!


I have created a very simple applescript (saved as an application) that opens the YASU maintenance utility, enters an admin name and password and allows YASU to do it’s thing and then restart.

The script works perfectly when running it directly, but when I set up a crontab to run it at a specified time, YASU gets errors which the YASU.LOG reveals as Error : 127 : Chown command not found.

This is puzzling me to no end… Why does YASU run fine when the script app is launched directly, but gets errors when launched via the crontab?

Any ideas?

I’m am running OS X 10.4.11 with all system updates applied and the latest version of YASU (2.5.4). I have tried the above steps on both Intel and PPC based macs with the same results…