Cross Platform AUTO RUN Script

I know there are many, many scripts that will do this, but…

I need to auto launch a index.htm file to have the user navigate a series of files and such, so I am looking for a script that can handle this process for both Mac & PC users. I have found some sites that provide some auto-run scripts, but as I am NOT a code guy, I am having trouble working my way through this.

Another wrench in this is that the information is buried in a DVDROM data file (DVD Studio Pro). I have a full-fledged DVD working and then if you want to access “additional content” you, of course, double click on the DVD and then you would get the “index.htm” file mentioned above. I would think that there may be some problems in the fact that if you use your PC to watch the DVD, the executable disc would have automatically launched the DVD video player and, in turn, launched the autorun portion of the disc. Is this going to be a problem?

Anyway, any information or scripts that you have lying around would be most helpful!! :wink:



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