cUrl newbie, I want to monitor an FTP folder of all subdirectories

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m a cUrl newbie, I want to monitor an FTP folder of all subdirectories. I found a script in the Code Exchange that I tought would do this, but it has not worked. I THINK because the cUrl -list-only command does not work for subdirectories.

Any ideas?

I am able to get the list with Terminal. User error, haha.

Still working on the script though. Really I just need something that will compare two text documents and give me the items that are different.

Made some good progress, not done though. I still need to set up the emailer and work out a few bugs.


on run
	--change these 4 parameters to your info
	set myUser to "user"
	set myPass to "pass"
	set ftpURLClean to "[url=][/url]"
	set ftpPath to "/stuff/"
	set ftpURL to "ftp://" & myUser & ":" & myPass & "@" & ftpURLClean & ftpPath
	--check if the old txt log exists
	tell application "Finder"
		set filePath to POSIX file "/ftp_old.txt"
		if not (exists filePath) then
				set fileRef to open for access filePath with write permission
				write "" to fileRef
				close access fileRef
			on error
					close access file filePath
				end try
			end try
		end if
	end tell
	--send the file to your root drive
		set ftpCommand to "curl -l " & quoted form of ftpURL & " -o ftp_new.txt"
		do shell script ftpCommand
	on error msg
		display dialog msg
	end try
	--compare old and new
	set theOutput to paragraphs of (do shell script "sort /ftp_old.txt /ftp_new.txt | uniq -u")
	if (count of theOutput) = 0 then
		display dialog "There are no new files." giving up after 3
		display dialog theOutput
	end if
	--make ftp_new.txt into ftp_old.txt
		do shell script "rm /ftp_old.txt; mv /ftp_new.txt /ftp_old.txt"
	on error msg
		display dialog msg
	end try
end run

--on idle
--	return 900 --15 minutes
--end idle