Curse you drawer!

Gah, I give up on drawers! whats the secret? there has been a ton of topics around about them, but I don’t even know if I made them correctly. So first I went in to IB when into the cocoa objects and dragged the “Drawer” into the box thing with a the windows and such. But I don’t know how to see the content of it in IB. I think you need some like NSCustom View but I dunno how:( So then I was like screw it so I deleted my window went to the cocoa objects and just dragged the window+drawer. It made the drawer and NSCustomView for me. This is what I put in my code.

on clicked theObject
	tell window "mainWindow"
		if theObject is equal to "lyric_search" then
			set currentState to state of drawer "search_drawer"
			-- Show/Hide the drawer as appropriate as well as updating the state text fields.
			if currentState is equal to drawer closed or currentState is equal to drawer closing then
				tell drawer "search_drawer" to open drawer on right edge
			else if currentState is equal to drawer opened or currentState is equal to drawer opening then
				tell drawer "search_drawer" to close drawer
			end if
		end if
	end tell
end clicked
on launched theObject
	show window "mainWindow"
end launched

I am just getting a good 'ol NSRecieiverEvaluationScriptError
I am 100% sure everything is named correctly. Please help!

fixed it…took out all code and did it all in IB.