Cursing coercing

Continue this in separate thread. It seems it depends on environment how AppleScript coerce real to text. On my machine the real 1.2345E+6 is coerced to 1.2345x10^+6 whereas on other machines it is simply coerced to 1.2345E+6
you can test using this line of code

display alert (1.2345E+6 as text)

what do you get?

I think you are missing the point. I don’t doubt that you have a consistent coercing on in your environment. I would assume c and d both are coerced to the same string. However between different environments the string is either “1.2345E+6” or “1.2345×10^+6” (observe this string is not equal to “1.2345*(10^6)”

set x to "1.2345×10^+6" as real

works (in my environment), but

set y to "1.2345*(10^6)" as real

generates an error

set realText to (1.2345E+6 as text)
display alert (1.2345E+6 as text) & return & realText
set the clipboard to  realText
-->  Mac OS: 12.7.1  (21G920)
-->  Script Debugger 8.0.6 (8A69)
display alert (1.2345E+6 as text)
--> 1.2345E+6

10.12.6 Sierra
Script Editor Version 2.9 (191)

I get the above result regardless of whether I have use scripting additions in the script.

Dunno if it’s meaningful but I have the satimage osax installed, which seemed to affect the scripts from earlier in the other thread, specifically around the exp command.

version of AppleScript --> 2.8
do shell script "sw_vers -productVersion" --> 13.6
display alert (1.2345E+6 as text) --> 1.2345E+6 is displayed.
set x to "1.2345×10^+6" as real --> error: Can’t make "1.2345×10^+6" into type real.
set y to "1.2345*(10^6)" as real --> error: Can’t make "1.2345*(10^6)" into type real.

I think the one issue is more about trying to coerce the parentheses from text rather than any other aspect fo the expression.

Seems I’m the only one with format “1.2345×10^+6”. I have no idea how this is controlled. Any ideas?

Do you have any AppleScript plugins?

Also you never said what OS version you are using, or what language settings you may be using.

OS: Sonoma 14.1.2
AS: 2.8