Custom CellView with button -> link problem

I have a view based table with one column and a customCellView with labels and a button.
The button click adresses a function inside the customCellView class.

How can i get access to the array controller from within the customCellView that manages the tableView entries?

  • OR -

How can i BIND the click to a method of my choice? Is this possible at all?
Does the method need to be inside the customCellView class?

Got it… well.

In custom cell class

My superview()'s superview()'s dataSource()-- tableView's array controller

According to the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern you are discouraged from manipulating the view (the cell).

Change the model (the data source) and reload the table view

The complete setup is made with bindings.
The array controller is a custom class used for dragging rows - to maintain the bindings and update the view it’s connected as datasource and to the table in addition.

Please give some more advice in detail (help me understand)

EDIT: I used a notification/observer now to trigger the method