Custom Icons for my scripts

I inherited 1001 custom application icons with this computer. Will someone give me a step by step to use these icons for the scripts I write, in place of the default AppleScript icon? :smiley:

Hello sitcom,

A.) Please do a search for keyword “icon” on this site


B.) What is it that you want to do with those icons: paste onto the scripts, or use in the scripts’ dialog boxes? If the latter, then see this link:


Variable as the shade

if you want to make it the icon of the script or the application:

select the icon that you want to use
choose get info in the menu bar or command-i
click on the icon in the info window (a blue outline should go around it)
select the application/script
get info
click on the icon

this might look like a script but its NOT its just directions

Funny, that was my first impression. I got it, and thank you very much.
8) SC

no problem

…wouldn’t it be great if there was a script like that??? :smiley:

Not sure if you were referring to how simple the imitation script was, and how great it would be if any actual script was that easy to write… OR… if you actually are looking for a icon copy script. If you’re looking for a script to copy icons from one item to another, I posted a small script at the following url which gui-scripts the process… [url=][/url]

I also took this same code, and used it to create a small studio app with a nice ui to do this same task. Because it uses a lot of gui scripting, the code is prone to unforeseen errors, but it has worked pretty reliably for me so far. If you’re interested, I’ve posted it at my new site here.


I love this forum :!: