custom progress bar

Hey everyone, I’m totally recoding and redoing an interface for my iTunes controller. I have the track info showing up fine and a working progress bar for the songs progress. However the bright blue aqua progress bar doesn’t really go well with the beige like iTunes track info background I have…I was wondering if anyone knew how I might go about creating a custom progress bar (obviously using some form of Obj-C) and then implementing it into my AS Studio app.



before coding a custom progress indicator … have you tried to use a level indicator instead? It’s ‘Relevancy’ style is b/w and might look ok …


Dominik, I’ll give that a try asap, thanks

EDIT: Dominik, the look is perfect now how would I code it to respond to the progress of the current song?

Hi Hendo,

sth like this should work (‘li’ is the level indicator - it is set to ‘Relevancy’, Minimum Value: 0, Maximum Value: 1, Current Value: 0 in Interface Builder):

on idle theObject
tell application “iTunes”
set pp to player position
set tl to duration of current track
end tell
set content of (control “li” of window “main”) to (pp / tl)
on error
set content of (control “li” of window “main”) to 0
end try
return 0.2
end idle


nice Dominik, I’m not at home, but I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!