Customising HUD Window


I have added a HUD Window to my project, and while I have been able to make some of the adjustments I want, such as maximum/minimum size and position, through the inspector in Interface Builder, there are some settings that I am not sure how to change:

  1. The transparency/opacity of the window: I would like it to be less transparent than it is.

  2. I would like the contents of the HUD window to be in a fixed position, and as the height of the HUD Window is altered (the width is fixed) if the height of the window is less than the content, a scroll bar appears to the right of the Window.

  3. I would like my HUD window to contain sections, with the user able to select which sections appear in it via a preferences window, but I am not sure how to lay out my HUD Window to achieve this. Would I need to have one view for each section?



You probably want setAlphaValue:. But fiddling with the default is not something you should do without very good reason; consistency matters.

Yo’ull need a view in a scroll view. Look under Layout Views in the Library.

Yes. But again, I’m not sure that HUD views should be too complex – maybe you just need a floating panel.