Customizing Automator Error Messages


I have built a simple Automator app that takes a picture using a connect USB camera, converts it to a JPEG, and then renames the file on the desktop. I am starting the app via an Applescript from FileMaker Pro. When the app runs, but no supported camera is actually connected to the computer, Automator obviously cannot take the picture, so there’s no picture on the desktop to rename and the “Rename Finder Items” action throws an error message saying, “The action “Rename Finder Items” encountered an error. Check the action’s properties and try running the workflow again.”

This message is pretty opaque and confusing for an end-user. What I would rather it do is test if there’s a valid camera connected right at the beginning then if there isn’t one, stop trying the action and display a custom message saying “No camera connected. Please connect a supported camera and try again”. Or something like that.