Daily Schedule to your Inbox

Hi there.
I am new to the forum and new to automator/applescript although I have used macs for a long time now.

I was trying to build a simple .app with automator but I have encountered exactly the same sort of problem reported here by NewMac on the 2nd of April, that is,
my app works great in Automator and not in real life.

The idea was to create an app that makes a summary of all my daily events in iCal and emails them to myself at the start of the day. So, I thought, I can put a recurring “coffee” event at seven every morning and launch this .app as an alarm, that way I would get the mail as soon as I wake up. Pretty simple idea, and, to be honest, I am amazed that nobody has written a proper iCal plug in to do that, because I think it would make a lot of sense to have it.

So, I opened automator and started playing.

Fist action; Find Calendars in iCal.
Set to: Find Events whose Start Date is Today.

Second Action; Event Summary

Third Action; New Mail Message

Fourth action, optional, send outgoing messages.

Now. In Automator it works perfectly, but when i save it either as an App, as a Workflow, or as an iCal plugin, the email results inevitably blank…

I also tried to change the settings, to eliminate the filter on the start date with a different one, to add pauses and all sorts of things: nothing.

If I ask Automator to make a text file instead, same issue. Works in Automator, blank file in real life.

I thought it might be a permission issue that does not let an app access my iCal events, so I changed the permissions of the calendars folder in the library and all enclosed events, but nothing.

Any ideas?
I would be grateful.

BTW this is happening on a new MBA with all updates and very little third party software.